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November 2011

Nov 20, 2011: Our Thanksgiving and Baptismal Service!

David Gross

Wow what a great service! Larry Steiner shares with us God’s greatest blessing to us, his Son Jesus Christ. It’s a blessing we did not earn and should not take for granted. And the Griffin Family is Baptised! THE MORNING WORSHIP Baptismal Service When Did We See You? 11:00 A.M. Prelude Paul Gates/Steve Smith Welcome […]

Nov 13, 2011, Ann Rose shares with us: “Encourage One Another”

David Gross

From 1 Thessalonians 5:3-5, Ann Rose shares with us “Encourage One Another”. “We Proclaim Jesus Christ and Promote Communities of Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace” 672 Azalea Road Mobile, AL 36609 251/661-8525 Pastor Elder John Sebastian – 661-7753 Counselor Elder David Gross, Jr. – 377-6728 Counselor Priest Anne Rose – 660-7493 Counselor Bishop Stancil Wilson […]

Shannon Stringer shares with us “Keep Awake”

David Gross

From Matthew 25:1-14, “The Parable of the Ten Virgins”, Shannon shares with us our theme: Keep Awake. We also were blessed with excellent music from our choir, Steve Smith and Paul Gates. Download Link for Video: Community of Christ_Mobile 6 Nov 2011 “We Proclaim Jesus Christ and Promote Communities of Joy, Hope, Love, and Peace” […]

Oct 30, 2011 Stancil Wilson shares with us: “The Greatest will be the Servant”

David Gross

From Matthew 23:11-12, “The Greatest will be the Servant”. Stancil Wilson begins with a Halloween theme to share with us the masks we all wear. Order of Service Prelude Anne Rose Welcome and Scripture Reading: Elder Wayne Gibson Mosiah 1:48-49 *Congregational Singing HS 408 “Take My Life and Let It Be” *We Offer Our Confession […]

Oct 30, 2011 Our Mission Center Hymn Sing

David Gross

What a great afternoon! All sorts of great music and performances from folks around our area.